Take Control of Your Life with Smart Diary Suite

Press release - Smart Diary® Suite Medical edition - 22nd January, 2009

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Take Control of Your Life with Smart Diary Suite

Programming Sunrise has released Smart Diary Suite v. 4 Medical Edition, a powerful Windows application that lets you keep track of the important information in your life. It is a completely customizable Personal Information Solution that makes it easy to track key factors that affect your health.

Unlike simple Personal Information Managers (PIMs) or diary programs, Smart Diary Suite Medical Edition has introduced a unique way to keep a journal of your life. Track your diet, exercise, health, and fitness. Use Smart Diary Suite to plot all of your health and lifestyle factors, and see how they affect each other. Plot exercise against your sleep schedule. Track fatigue against diet. Visually examine and manage your health and fitness.

Smart Diary Suite contains all of the power you'd expect in a PIM. It's easy to keep a daily journal in the program's diary. You can even encrypt your thoughts and protect them with a password. You can track life factors such as diet, sleep, and lifestyle, and chart the relationships between them using easy-to-read graphs.

The Medical Edition has a medication tracker that will remind you when it's time to take your pills. If you're away from home, the program can email you a reminder. The application's nutrition tracking system helps you understand and plan your dietary needs. It also lets you create and share recipes.

The built-in scheduler ensures that you'll never miss a birthday or anniversary again. Simply add items to the program's calendar, and the reminder system will keep you informed about critical dates. The scheduler and reminder system are completely integrated with Smart Diary Suite's contact database.

Smart Diary Suite's "tasks" function lets you track your goals. Set up your objectives, and monitor progress against them. The program also lets you take notes on any topic, and retrieve the information instantly when it is needed.

Smart Diary Suite v. 4 Medical Edition integrates all of the functions of a high-end PIM with the information that you need to live a long and healthy life. Whether you're a parent who wants to keep track of the entire family's health and fitness, an athlete who needs to track relationships between nutrition and exercise, or a weekend warrior who wants to start tracking fitness and diet, Smart Diary Suite v. 4 Medical Edition has the tools that you need.

Smart Diary Suite v. 4 Medical Edition runs under Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7, costs $69.95(US) for a single-user license, and may be purchased securely online from http://sdiary.com/. Home and Lite versions are also available. You can download free trial versions from the company's web site. For more information, contact Programming Sunrise, PO Box 425, Mentone, VIC 3194 Australia Phone: +61 3 9708 8328 Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Internet: http://sdiary.com/.

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About Programming Sunrise:

Since 1997, Programming Sunrise has been developing and marketing Windows productivity software for home and business users. In addition to Smart Diary Suite 4 Medical Edition, the company also offers three other versions of its Smart Diary Suite application, as well as Smart Pet Health professional, a pet-tracking application for animal shelters and kennels. For more information, visit http://sdiary.com/ or http://www.smartpethealth.com/.

System Requirements

Smart Diary Suite 4 runs on:

  • Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8

Our software does not contain adware, spyware or computer viruses.

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