Smart Diary Suite Smart Diary® Suite will help you organize and control your life in one easy to use and flexible package!

More Than Just Diary Software or a PIM Smart Diary Suite is a completely customizable, yet easy to use, Personal Information Solution. It can be as simple or as complex as you wish it to be.

Visualize Your Life with Life Factors Keep a regular record with the help of our life factors and see the results on a color Graph.

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Smart Diary Suite
Hello! I have been searching all over the net for a program that was easy to work with but still allowed me to have a pop reminder. Smart Diary has everything I need!

I am a busy mom to 3 girls, under 10yo, plus a wife and not to even mention a Real Estate Assistant! I am always forgetting what appointment I have, what I need for the girls, when is there after school activity and what I need from the grocery store! I am sure you know how I feel especially if you are a mom!

I love Smart Diary! I can turn on my laptop or desktop and everything I need to do that day is there along with those wonderful reminders!

I you are busy then you need to get this program! Now, I never forget what I need from the store or which daughter has what pratice at what time lol

Thank you for a great program!
Posted By: Kara
I have been scouring the Internet for some time now, downloading trial versions of runner's log software, fitness software, PIM software, diary software - and NONE have even come close to the fantastic flexibility, customizability, and ease of use as Smart Diary Suite 4!

Smart Diary Suite is the premiere holistic Personal Information Manager and Analyzer. I love that I can record and chart all facets of my life from, food nutrient consumption, moods, menstrual cycle, food cravings, body pain, exercise intensity and performance under certain forms of weather, etc. etc. and see how trends develop when overlaying ALL the different factors going on in my life. And it all links into a richly featured planner and personal organizer. What could be better?!

The best feature of all is the level of customizability of Life Factors. You can record and monitor the parts of your life that matter most to YOU. This is the feature that sets it apart from all other PIM software and has made me to decide to break out my wallet and pay for what I believe to be the finest life tracking software available.

Thanks again for putting so much effort and dedication into a wonderful product!
Posted By: Theresa M. Poole
It has been my hobby to keep looking for a program that suits all my organizational needs, a program which is simple, yet inventive, pleasant to look at and is original. Having come across Smart Diary Suit I could finally end my long search for the real thing. Being a highly visual, and significantly disorganized person who hates doing chores, for instance, I find extra value in Smart Diary Suit because the pleasure of creating a summary of tasks, deadlines makes me forget the unpleasant feeling of doing them. The "overview" feature allows me to see the details as well as the big picture, prompting me to throw away the 4 notebooks I used to carry everywhere with me. (1. work-out, 2. diet, 3.thoughts, and 4. calendar+tasks).

The "schedule" category offers flexibility regarding its looks, and the drop down feature (hours of the day) is a great little invention. Since I lack enough patience to fuss with schedules too long, the "Drag and Drop" option makes my life a lot easier. A shopping list, recipe and nutritional value on the same page is smart and is very useful. I am an avid athlete and I like to note the number of miles I have ran, or should have ran.

Vain, as I also am I appreciate that I can measure the number of lbs-s I may have gained or (preferably) have lost. The life factor values graph satisfies my need for visual evaluation and the flexibility of it all encourages my creativity. I love this program because it takes care of many aspects of my life, effectively organizing all the vital information. Without doubt, Smart Diary Suit offers significantly more, it is more creative and original than any similar program I have seen during my search for the best. It is, indeed, the best.
Posted By: V. Kronstein
I have been looking for software supporting me in my daily diary activities for years, now. None was good enough, until I found Smart Diary Suite.

Before, I had to use at least 3 different programs to keep a diary, note down my weight, keep track of my mood and emotions and also have a sports diary. And on top of all that I even get an integrated calendar and scheduler, as well as task mangement and notes! It really is what I have been looking for!

I am looking forward to extensively using Smart Diary Suite to get to know myself better every day.

I very much like the feature of graphically looking at my life factors and being able to add more factors anytime I want to.

For the first time I now have a place to store my medication details and to keep track of anything pain-related.

Thanks for such a well-thought-of software!
Posted By: Ines Milewski
After six years of excellent customer service provision Smart Diary Suite continues to impress in the latest offering.

As a regular person I have benefited greatly from the regular features such as schedule, notes, tasks and others. As a education specialist I find the Diary parameter tracking of various human attributes that impact on daily performance invaluable. As a hobby jogger I have found the nutrition and diary a constant companion in improving personal goals and performance.

Thank you Smart Diary Suite.
Posted By: Dr. Toni Momiroski (PhD env.)

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  • Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8

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