Smart Diary Suite Smart Diary® Suite will help you organize and control your life in one easy to use and flexible package!

More Than Just Diary Software or a PIM Smart Diary Suite is a completely customizable, yet easy to use, Personal Information Solution. It can be as simple or as complex as you wish it to be.

Visualize Your Life with Life Factors Keep a regular record with the help of our life factors and see the results on a color Graph.

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Smart Diary Suite
I have been in search of a program to manage my personal information. I looked into blogging, which was perfect. Until, I discovered that most blog software sends out “pings” so people can see what you are posting. Blogging is about social networking. It would devasting if something I wrote ment to be private, showed up as a ping on a public site.

I subscribe to an online site that allows me to track my pain, with a graphic and pain scale. I became concerend with what do I do if they start charging me access for my data. I uderstand that my doctor can access my data, but at what cost?

I am a disabled veteran, and the VA has a program where we can look up our prescriptions. I understand that they maybe expanding it to allow access to other information.

I needed to track my weight, sleeping and medication. I have found myself being moody without knowing why. My aunt has been after me for years to track what I eat and how it affects my sleep and mood.

Being a diabetic, I need to monitor and track my blood gluecose. I also need to see how what I eat affects my blood surgar and mood, etc.

So I end up with three different places in different locations to store various information. And I really didn't have control over who sees it. Blogging was not an option, I needed a safe place to store my private thoughts, to keep a personal diary so to speak. I decided to see what diary software there was available. I found Smart Diary entirely by accident. I looked at it with one of those “yeah whatever” glances.

I download and installed the 30 day Medical trial version. Here was a program that allows me to document all events in my life. I can separate work from play, track projects and even set goals for completing those nasty "honey do" task in the Honey Do jar. SDS even has a Gantt Chart feature. Real handy for a new home owner.

I can set goals; I can see how what I eat affects me; I can organize my address book. And best off all, since the first thing I do when I get home, is make a diary entry, it even helps me find my car keys.

I'm using this program and it is not something someone just threw together. It is very polished, very professional. I found it intuitive to use. If it has a manual, I never looked for it, it's that intuitive.

Excellent program. Full recommendation.
Posted By: Tony
I have been using the free version of your software for about 8 months now and I love. I've made separate categories for stories about my grandchildren, and my cats etc. I usually use Yahoo calendar, but I've recently begun using the one with Smart Diary more because I can check it quickly even if I'm offline or having trouble getting online. This is so useful. I might upgrade when I get a computer with a microphone so I can record entries sometimes. Thank you so much for this valuable software and thank you for keeping a free version. I have told many of my friends and relatives and encouraged them to give it a try. It is really amazing.
Posted By: Linda Gavitt
I tried sbs and i liked it. I decided to buy it. I always write about something. Sometimes i write diaries, stories, poems etc... And this software helped me. I grouped my writings and i keep all of them in the same place now. sbs has too much features that i expected. Calendar, diary, password protection, adding sound and image files, contact list, web browser and more... I think ''life factors'' option is fantastic. I liked it. I need this software. Add to cart please :=)
Posted By: Özdemir Kurnaz

For years I have been searching for a program to help me track the seemingly endless amounts of things that affect my mood. I have battled depression, anxiety, Chronic Fatigue and many other illness' since I was in my teens. I have found relatively few programs out there that help me monitor my particular situation. I have tried to adapt many generic PIM or database programs so that I could keep track of the things that impact my health, but none of them seemed to work out. I have even made a few attempts to program my own database in MS ACCESS but these things are not as simple as they appear to be. To do it right is a full time job. As it is, I can barely keep my regular job with all of my heath problems. I must have downloaded and tried about twenty programs before stumbling onto Smart Diary. I truly wish I would have found Smart Diary ten years ago.

I was skeptical at first. I told my self not to jump into this and purchase it without giving the demo a full work out. After I downloaded the Smart Diary Medical version I used it every day for the next thirty days. I was able to figure it out and configure it for all of my needs within a few days.

The most important thing that Smart Diary brings to the table are the Smart Factors. Smart Factors enable you to track any area of your life that may need monitoring. I am mainly using it for physical and mental health issues so I set up numerous things related to my health like mood, medication, sleep, food, exercise, etc. I can rate this things with either a yes or no, sliding scale, or multiple choice using numbers or my words or phrases It will then automatically graph these areas over any time period and you can view the results in relations to each other.

For example, lets say I want to see how adding more time to my treadmill workout might affect my mood. I configure the treadmill workout with the Smart Factors to allow me to input how much time I was using it. I already have a number of Smart Factors set up for monitoring my mood, and it is my choice as to what particular areas I want to monitor and they can be changed and adjusted in just a few steps. As I fill in my Smart Diary for the day I will enter the amount of time I spent on the treadmill along with Smart Factors related to my mood, health, weight, etc. Then after a week or two or longer as I view the graph I can get an idea on any changes that might have taken place as I increased the amount of time using the treadmill.

This becomes really important after a long period of time when you want to see what habits and behaviors you were doing months or years ago and the changes you have made and their affect. . You can make Smart Factors for just about anything. Health, exercise, medication, sleeping, food, hobbies, social things. etc. There is even a forum where you can download and add user created Smart Factors.

Along with the diary in Smart Diary there is also a daily schedule, calendar and note program. I am still learning about these aspects but they seem to be fully integrated into the program.

When it comes to support all of my requests for help and my "newbie" questions were promptly replied to within a day. There is a in program access to a web support forum that allows others, and the program writers to answer support questions. You can also input ideas for improving the program and they are warmly received. I could say more but you can see that I plan on using Smart Diary for a long, long time. This is a much needed program and I am surprised that this type of thing is not more available to doctors and patients.

If you want to start being more responsible for your health Smart Diary is the best first step you can make.
Posted By: Russ Lavergne
hi there, ive just started using your diary software and just wanted to say how incredible it is. Its so easy to use, and those life factors are a great tool to use. I've just startd to use it, have found it helpful in dealing with my moods tht i have as i have depression. It seems this software is the best out of all the other even free ones that are available that has. So thanks for makinga great software.
Posted By: Kylee
At the end of last year I began a frantic search for a journal program. Along with the typical New Year's resolutions, I suffer from some pretty horrid depression and I felt it kicking up again in the fall.

So much was going on but I had no way of keeping track of it and I am a very "visual" person so customization and use of icons was preferable to a lot of text, although I do have a lot to write down.

I needed a way to keep track of the ever increasing depression symptoms. Seeing my mood at a glance was important and being able to write down all the factors leading up to that mood...if I could articulate them would be very helpful as well.

So, back to the end of last year. As you can see, my requirements were pretty specific and that is only a partial list. I have bought a couple of other programs and tried a few of the free, free form tree based document programs. While they did the bare essentials of what I needed I was always on the look out for something that fulfilled a few more of my requirements, figuring that no such program would ever exist.

Then, the Smart Diary Suite link came up in a search. At first I wasn't sure because I really can't afford to buy another program and then I had to look through and pick a version.

However, after downloading the Home version and taking just a quick look at it, I have to say...the Smart Diary Suite seems like it was made *just* for me!!!

It does EVERYTHING I need it to do and the ability to amend the Life Factors in SO many ways and have it ALL be plotted on a graph is just....phenomenal.

With the Smart Diary Suite I can see at a glance how.....well, EVERYTHING, relates to everything else with regards to my depression. That way, if I am ever able to work again and can afford to see anyone about it, I will have so much more information to give a doctor to show them I've been trying to get a handle on it and understand it myself.

Not only that but it does so much more! I can keep track of all my day to day activities, upcoming appointments, tasks (so I don't just sit on the couch and lose track of time).... But it's just so amazing and important to me that I can see it visually on the graph or through icons if I want.

I have not even begun to scratch the surface of what this program can do.
Posted By: Vivianne Sutherland
I spent a large amount of time searching for and trying various trial versions of diary software packages. Smart Diary Suite was not only the easiest program to use but also the most powerful, particularly due to its inclusion of the LifeFactors feature and the online support community. I had been writing information in a paper journal, but this did not allow the inclusion of pictures, which is another feature of Smart Diary I enjoy. Excellent job in creating this simple yet powerful piece of software.
Posted By: E. R.
I am searching for a long time a software for my personal diary. First of all I tried a lot of free offers in the internet. None of them was really that what I need. I don't know why I found smart diary so late, but that software is exactly what I need. The idea of life factors that you can visualise in a graph is really genious. How succesful was my day in the office? How do feel today? Was I able to play guitar today?

Smart diary is very flexible! I wanted to write down all relevant informations during my work-hours and my private-hours. After editing the diary categories this is possible. You haven't to build another diary-file!

I'm looking forward to use the more functions in the home or medical version of smart diary. I think it will be the home version, because it has 17 life factors and the I don't need the medication function. But it is good to know that it is possible to upgrade to the medical version without loosing any data and have only to pay the difference between the home version and the medical version.

It would be great if smart diary would give the option to change the application-language to german in the future!
Posted By: Holger N
This program is awesome!!! I love having everything I need to keep track of in ONE program & also a portable version free as well:) I used to use paper to track all that Smart Diary Suite does, because I had my own "life factors" to keep track of & no other program had that no more paper to clutter myself with:) It is so easy to use & it's nice simple design makes it great for use by even my tween:) I love being able to also keep my recipes handy & even make a shopping list...I have now gotten rid of my cookbooks taking up shelf space...I just copied the recipes I actually liked into this program & since I can print them, I plan to make a recipe book for a friends wedding gift, along with telling her about this wonderful program!!!
Posted By: Angela
I am severely and chronically ill with multiple diseases, and have been for several years. I take dozens of medications (antibiotics, supplements (herbal and other wise) of all sorts, pain killers, medications to support and detox my systems, etc) and it's a lot to keep track of.

It's critical I keep track of how I feel each day, of what changes occur when (and what caused them, if I can) and what I eat, when I eat, and how much I heat. I also need to remember all of my appointments, to refill all my medications on time, to do exercises when and as possible, etc--and, when I possibly can, to somehow keep track of things and have somewhat of a normal life, like going to tea with a friend.

It's a lot for anyone in any state, but add in the exhaustion, pain, and (at times) memory issues, and it's nearly impossible to handle.

This, already, has taken a huge burden off of my shoulders; I can feel my anxiety and stress levels go down, knowing I have this to help. There are some things I can't do that I need, but you have a section for people to make suggestions! There are life factors I need, but if I can't figure out how to make them, I can request them on the board! And your support is wonderful so far.

I run a website for people with my chronic illnesses ( We're in the process of moving hosts, but once I do, writing about this will be one of the first new updates I make on the site. When I figure out how to make new life factors, I'll be making them for my diseases and ones that go with it (and probably ones for diseases friends of mine have, like chronic fatigue syndrome) and be posting them on the forum and my own website(s) as well.

The basic program is wonderful, and I think you have it set up well so there are enough editions that everyone can find one that works well for him/her. But I think for those of us who use the Medical edition--especially those of us that are seriously ill, with more than a handfull of medications to keep track of--that we've been given an honest gift with your program.
Posted By: Kathleen S

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