Smart Diary Suite Smart Diary® Suite will help you organize and control your life in one easy to use and flexible package!

More Than Just Diary Software or a PIM Smart Diary Suite is a completely customizable, yet easy to use, Personal Information Solution. It can be as simple or as complex as you wish it to be.

Visualize Your Life with Life Factors Keep a regular record with the help of our life factors and see the results on a color Graph.

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Smart Diary Suite
Smart Diary Suite is the only journal software I did not uninstall soon after I tested it, because it exceeds my expectations.

Visually pleasing, user friendly, and customizable are all accurate descriptions of Smart Diary Suite. The software start-up is quick, and diary entries can be protected with a password.

This is an excellent software that I highly recommend.
Posted By: Li
I have been searching goggle and various sites to find a diary that I could customize. When I found the Smart Diary Suite with the Life Factors features I found just what I had been searching for. The Life Factors features allows me to track and graph important daily activities. In addition, the diary function was my main attraction to this program, a simple way to keep track of life's daily events.
Posted By: David
Chiropractor, Alton
I have spent the better part of three years trying out different Diary and PIM Software. Some I liked the interface of but didn't have all the features I wanted, others had all the features I wanted but the interface and calendar were ugly. Smart Diary Suite is everything I want, and even looks pretty! I don't dread opening an ugly program any more.

The Smart Diary Suite medical edition has all the features you could need to keep up with a busy schedule. It has a medications tab that lets me set reminders for my meds, lets me know when I am nearly out, and allows me to put in my script number to make calling in refills so much easier. I no longer forget to take my meds now.

Life Factors are what I think really set SDS apart from other PIM software. Life Factors can easily be created to help you track trends in anything or to manage any kind of specific data. You can see a graph of your Life Factor data, which can show trends over time. Example; I have a very picky 2 1/2 year old daughter. I decided I needed to keep track of her eating habits and behavior issues that she had to see if there was a trend between her lack of eating and her behavior and there was. I also use a Life Factor to help me track my pain level, and is helping my doctors develop a pain management program to help relieve my pain more effectively.The Life Factors are really helping to make my life so much easier.

The Nutrition section allows my to make a shopping list, add recipes, and keep track of all the nutritional information for the foods that I eat. It has really helped me eat better. And since I love to cook, I love having the ability to put my recipes in the same program, instead of having separate programs, like I had before.

And if you get stuck or need help doing something and the help file doesn't do it for you, you can click on the community section, which takes you right to the SDS community forum. Just register, then post you question or issue. They are really helpful over there. And the owner of SDS frequent the forum, answers questions, and is even known to offer to do a Life Factor for someone with the information they give him.

I could go on and on about SDS Medical Edition. I love it! So come on, give it a try. When your trial is up, you can either buy it outright, or take advantage of the special offers. I could never afford this program, so I took advantage of the special offers, and I got mine free. So can you!
Posted By: Michelle W.
I was searching for some e-dairy so that I can manage my to dos , tasks , appointments , schedules I found many local but non professional applications , I was looking for something like Microsoft look and feel , and I was shocked when I start using Smart Diary , its awesome , every thing is in it , I can manage and write my schedules , appointments , to dos , meetings even I write daily diary along with wonderful features in it , It has nice look and feel and I enjoyed using it , and I highly recommend it to my executives.
Posted By: Engr. Umair Aslam Bhatti
Sr. Software Engineer, Karachi , Pakistan.
I call myself "The Reluctant Recluse (Wpg.)". Wpg. is Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. I find myself in a position where I never wanted to be, that is, disabled and in a wheelchair with short term memory loss. Wow, I had very little short term memory and I had to try to keep my life in order. I started looking for a way to do it. It wasn't easy.

After cruising the web (I don't surf) and reading many testimonials and testing a lot of trial copies and free diaries and journals, (none of which,seemed to be of much use to someone that was disabled and had difficulty remembering things), I came across "The Smart Diary Suite"

Wow! What more could I ask for in a single program. It was almost like the publisher took a custom order from me for what I needed to have in a program to keep my life organized. I didn't have to remember anything. All I had to do was write it down AND if I couldn't write (type), I could record my day and things I wanted to, or had to do, with the voice recorder that was built into the program. I could easily keep track of my day, future appointments and projects, addresses of friends, and my health progression and health needs through graphs, pictures and charts that I could customize specifically for my purposes in the program.

I know my life would be more difficult without The Smart Diary Suite but the publisher has options to make it affordable for even the lowest income person. The publisher has many options for purchasing The Smart Diary Suite and it's even possible to get it FREE. So, what are you waiting for? Make life easier! Try it. Buy it OR follow the steps to get it FREE.
Posted By: Walt Podushko
Reluctant Recluse (Wpg.), Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
I have had a habbit of writing diary since 10 but recently i couldn't able to spend time on diary because of work pressure may i became lazy to write.So i searched in google for smart diary.To my luck I found your smart diary suite.Basically i searched for diary where it should record my voice and and daily updates.

I have downloaded Home edition 30 day trial version and tried for 15 days.It was amazing experience and my wife also likes it.

The security features are simply superb.When i was using paper diary with out my knowledge my friends used read my diary and made fun at me.Thank got now no one can except me.

I refer this program to my friends planning to give it as a gift to my dearest buddies.
Posted By: Venkat
I'm impressed with many of the features of SDS: I use the Schedule, Tasks, and am interested in some of the other modes. The portable option that fits on a memory stick is a winner. I also like the look and feel of it. But to me the most important aspect of any software is access to the authors. The SDS forum has been a useful place to have questions answered by the team at psunrise, and to put forward suggested small changes to be aired, discussed and maybe adopted. A truly responsive team.
Posted By: Brian Adam
Jeweller and metalsmith, Auckland, New Zealand
I am a 42-year old obese woman with depression, back pain, sciatica, neck and shoulder pain, carpal tunnel syndrome and unemployment. I have begun some basic yoga and meditation to help with these conditions and have been looking for a way to track moods, pains, activities and diet. I also wanted to track how my sleep and eating patterns as well as weather and moon phases affect my moods and overall well being. I wanted a simple journal to record details of the above as well as all the bits and pieces of thoughts and ideas that pop into my head. I tried a handwritten journal but my handwriting is so bad and my hand hurts about 1/2 page in due to the carpal tunnel so that really didn't work out. I tried several other fun/flashy electronic diaries/journals and while they were cute to look at, they didn't really give me the complete journal that I can get with SDS by using the diary and life factors.

I wanted an integrated calendar/contact list where I can keep track of family and friends information (phone, address, email, websites) plus reminders for their birthdays, anniversaries and other dates to remember. I looked at handwritten address books but I could not find one that had enough space for all of the information that I wanted to record. I also tried several downloadable contact programs as well as MS Outlook and found that they all were missing some aspect of what I wanted. With the schedule and contacts areas of SDS I can customize what information I record and how and when to get reminders.

Due to the depression, I sometimes have difficulties keeping up or remembering to do basic household things like laundry, paying bills on time, cleaning the litter box, etc. With SDS, I can add these things to my schedule and get reminders to do them. Again, I've used other methods and they all worked well as a schedule - but that's all they do. The integrated features of SDS where I can record "to dos" and shopping lists as well as appointments and then set these items into my schedule with reminders is perfect.

I like to garden and keep a garden journal of weather conditions and what grew and what didn't and what I want to try next year. Again, handwritten didn't really work out and I haven't found any electronic version specifically for this. SDS offers me the opportunity to add this category to my diary and/or notes entries and then sort so I can see only my garden journal entries.

I have a dog and a cat. I can use SDS to track immunizations, medications, health, vet visits, etc. for them too.

I own my house and a car but I'm not very mechanically inclined. Things like recaulking the bathtub or putting salt in the water softener or checking the air in my ties tend to slip my notice. I can use the schedule with notes and/or tasks to keep track of these things.

I have even found SDS to be helpful in my job search. I can track which companies I have applied with by date and add notes or other information about my contact with them. As well as, of course, keeping track of interview schedules.

Smart Diary Suite has all the versatility, customization and level of detail that I have been looking for. And Smart Diary Suite has it all in one program. I'm sure I'll find even more uses as I get further into it. This is a great organizational and life tool and I'm very happy that I found it.
Posted By: Pat Jones
Like many I am currently out of work, and feeling a bit sad about it. Smart diary has helped more than I expected.

Firstly, I've been able to keep a visual log of my mood / health / exercise / study using lifefactors. I'm a visual person and can immediately 'read' this kind of information.

Secondly, I have a secure diary which is easy to use, so now I keep a journal! I've also intended to, but never buckled down to it. My typing is marginally better than my handwriting, and the smart diary interface is nice and intuitive.

Thirdly, I now have a portable diary/schedule (it's on my netbook) which I can access even if networks are down. Brilliant.

And fourthly, I am thinking of using lifefactors to plot promotional activity against views on my (currently dormant) blog, and wee Folksy shop. In this way, lifefactors could be a useful hobby / small business tool.
Posted By: Catherine
I am glad to confirm that SDS is, in my view, a very sophisticated and user friendly diary and time management system. The innovative approach used is a breath of fresh air and certainly makes quick the chores of keeping up to date. The Suite has many features heretofore unknown in this kind of software and I have no doubt it will be an outstanding success with business and the private community. I wish you well.
Posted By: Chris

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