Smart Diary Suite Smart Diaryģ Suite will help you organize and control your life in one easy to use and flexible package!

More Than Just Diary Software or a PIM Smart Diary Suite is a completely customizable, yet easy to use, Personal Information Solution. It can be as simple or as complex as you wish it to be.

Visualize Your Life with Life Factors Keep a regular record with the help of our life factors and see the results on a color Graph.

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Smart Diary Suite
I am really impressed with this tool. It keeps track of your calendar, recipes, create shopping lists, personal diary entries, able to track various life factors like weight, mood, diabetic blood monitoring results, foot care, anything you decide to track...and it provides a graphical representation of your results over time. You would not get such a complete package with many other applications. I have not run across one so complete for such a reasonable cost. Life is so complicated these days its great to have everything that is important all in one place to prevent data overload. The Learning curb for the basis is only an hour or two, but there are plenty of features that can be discovered and customized over time. Great product! Great support!
Posted By: D B
diabetic, Newburyport
Smart Diary is the best Diary software out there. I've tried many of the others, but they lack the functionality I need for my busy life. Its easy to use and understand, and now I can keep track of everything in my life, from my diet to my appointments. Thanks guys!
Posted By: Howie Wright
I have been trying several diary suites over the past few years and flicking from one to the other to see which ones provided the tools I need for my lifestyle. SDS stuck out by far with the features that it provides and its ability to be easily customisable.
The diary is brilliant and can be used as a timeline of events providing a quick view of your entries. I store it on memory stick and being password protected I feel confident that my secret diary is forever a secret.
Posted By: Harvey Dosangh
Web Designer, Coventry UK
I've tried to use OneNote 2010 as a Diary and immediately I've realized that something is missing...the Date Picker Bar! This is what made me keep looking for an alternative software until I finally found it...Smart Diary Suite!

As an extra now I have Schedule and Tasks features which easily replace Microsoft Outlook 2010's Calendar and Tasks.

Did I mention that even the most "expensive" edition of Smart Diary Suite costs only a fraction of any available Microsoft Office Suite?

You do the math!
Posted By: Bogdan
I have tried Rednotebook, myDiary, Efficint Diary and SmartDiary Suit. Finally I found that SmartDiary is the best software I have experienced. Finally I have to move all my records to SmartDiary from Rednotebook. I even used MS outlook 2010's (its calendar is suitable for diary-writer. It can attach any file and picture too.) before rednotebook. Outlook is very expensive. Its earlier version can not used for Window 7. You can't update a old version to have a new version, but you have to pay a full price for a new version. It does not have lot features for a diary-writer purpose. I strongly recommend SmartDiary as a first choice software.
Posted By: Shaoyin Wang
Iíve been trying different PIM for almost half a year. First it was paper organizer, then simple combination of a schedule in Outlook and paper To Do list, later some PIM programs appeared. But no one could manage all my to dos , tasks , appointments , schedules in an effective way. Moreover, Iím concerned that my PIM should be portable, so I can use it either at home and at work.

After some time I was lucky to find Smart Diary Suite. First of all I like its design and interface (itís very strange, but many PIMs has an awful color design and not informative interface). Itís very easy in use, but in the same time itís so universal Ė I can use one program during all day, including all aspects of my life such as work, home and sport activities. Such instruments as diary, life factors, schedule, tasks, notes makes my daily routine well organized, projects easier to control and help to keep my mind open to the new ideas. That is awesome!

Thank you for a great and so well thought-out program!
Posted By: Sergey M
I am very happy to have found Smart Diary Suite. I used to keep a pen and paper journal, but I have been the victim of people snooping into it out of curiosity.

What attracted me to the program is the convenience of not only securing the file against potential eavesdroppers, but also the portability of the system. I can save my file on the cloud or on a DVD. Paper breaks down, but I can save a digital file without worry about it breaking down over time.

What I can also do, which I could not with my paper diary, is search through entries that I have made if I am looking for specific information.

I have not even began to scratch the surface on the rest of the features, but for me the Diary component alone is fantastic.

For anyone thinking that a diary is a "girly" thing to do, let me tell you this: a diary is a phenomenal way to analyze your past and to see what you were thinking and what led you to do certain things, so that you can learn from the past to improve your present and your future. Also, memory fails with time, and if you do not record things down, you may remember things very differently a few years from now. A diary helps preserve not just the events of your life, but also your reaction to those events. Write in your diary, it is an awesome experience.

Posted By: Alex Ciovarnache
I am a Registered Nurse, Ontario, Canada
I don't have a website
Ever since I started using the trial version of Smart Diary i have absolutely seen a great improvement on all aspects of my life. It is astonishing how much easier life can become by simply writing your thoughts down in the journal section of SD,making a daily schedule with all the important tasks of the day,and keeping track of things that matter most to you by using the life factors future.The program itself is very responsive, user friendly and very customizable and I've noticed that these attributes have greatly been helping me to use the diary on a daily basis.All in all, I strongly believe that Smart Diary should be a part of every person who takes personal development seriously and wants an organized life that is free of stress and worries.<br /><br /><br /><br />
Posted By: Markel Stavro
Student, Chicago, IL
I have been using Smart Diary for about 3 years now, and I like it more than ever. It has everything I need, diary, calendar with reminders, backup storage, print feature etc. I never thought of using the portable version, but I was intrigued by the idea tonight while reading about it. I may give it a try. Right now I use an online journal when I'm away from home. It too is a good program, but I have to be careful to delete history and any passwords that might be automatically saved. The portable version sounds like a better solution.

I also like the ability to categorize some of my entries. I also store my short stories there, and it works well for that.
Posted By: Linda Gavitt
RN, worked many years in OB., writer, editor, CT
no website yet
Hi! I've recently begun an elimination diet to discover which foods are giving me trouble. Smart Diary's life factors have been fantastic for monitoring what symptoms recur as I add foods back into my diet. I've also used the free version of the software for the last year or so to keep track of my response to different treatments and exercises for chronic pain. Thanks for such a useful program!
Posted By: M. K. Salvas
New England, USA

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