Smart Diary Suite Smart Diary® Suite will help you organize and control your life in one easy to use and flexible package!

More Than Just Diary Software or a PIM Smart Diary Suite is a completely customizable, yet easy to use, Personal Information Solution. It can be as simple or as complex as you wish it to be.

Visualize Your Life with Life Factors Keep a regular record with the help of our life factors and see the results on a color Graph.

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Smart Diary Suite
As a Software Engineer I am very familiar with software suites and the best qualities to look for. The Smart Diary Suite is well designed and easy to use. Everything you need is easy to find, and the software has been well thought out.
The version that I use is the Medical version because I have serious health problems that I need to keep track of. After years of keeping this information on sheets of paper, I was thrilled to find one place to do it all. The Smart Diary Suite is a superior tool for anyone needing to keep their lives organized. I give it ***** (5 Stars)
Posted By: Gary Shollenberger
Software Engineer, Philadelphia, PA
I had been looking for such a software for long but couldn't find one that met my needs. This was the one I fell in love at first sight.
Posted By: Umair - Forum

I just posted this on the national HDSA forum as as useful tool to maintain good records. Hope it works for you! :)

"I just downloaded this software's "Medical Edition".
I am enrolled in the Reach2HD research trial and need to keep track of the calendar, medicines, doctor visits, test results plus a increasing quantity of paperwork. So far chorea has been the most active HD symptom but my memory is beginning to get a bit unreliable. So I searched the web for a daily diary to keep a record of my history as long as possible. And then make it easier for my family or caretaker to jump in and keep the medical records updated. My current SafeWay bag full of manilla folders is too messy to use.

I highly recommend this software for us patients or caregivers to keep on top of things. Especially important is documenting for the Reach2HD trial. All drug reactions, other health issues, colds, infections, or vacations etc. If you are having memory problems it's better to start the diary sooner than later. FYI :)

Bob S. in Broomfield Colorado
Posted 6 seconds ago # Edit
Posted By: R. Snare
Retired manufacturing cost accountant, Colorado USA
Recently I was diagnosed with a genetic brain disease, HD (Huntington's Disease). Symptoms can vary. There are no cures on the horizon. The disease deteriorates the frontal brain tissue and causes memory loss as well as other cognitive degeneration.

It is important for me to keep daily track of progression of the disease, medications and dosages, office visits, and side affects from a HD drug trial I am beginning.

My manilla folder is way too big to manage. And as memory is an issue, the SmartDiary is the ideal solution for me. I can update notes with my doctors and share the information with my family or caretakers.

Thank you so much for providing this comprehensive solution for managing my disease. :)
Posted By: R. Snare
Retired manufacturing cost accountant, Boulder Colorado
Smart Diary Suite is not just a word processor. It is also a database to keep records of your Life Factors, and you can also amend/add as many fields as you like. In other words, you can conveniently record everything in your life such as health, diets, exercise,...etc.

I cannot find any diaries in the market which have similar functions.
Posted By: Po-kwong LEE
Hong Kong
I have been using the trial offer of SDS4 Medical off & on for two weeks now and the more I use it the easier it is too use. I like the ability to track so many symptoms from moods, meds, weather to pain levels. I am in the process of switching doctors and this will be very handy to have data to compare symptoms & show the doctor. Great program.
Posted By: Mark Wade
58 y/o male, USA, Maine
This diary is perfect for someone who has a mood disorder, such as myself. I need to keep track of my moods, nutrition, doctor's appointments and especially my medication.
This is only Diary that I have found that does it ALL. I also find it useful for managing my family and their appointments etc. This is the perfect diary for someone who has medical needs, but also has a busy family life

Thanks Diary Suite
I can't live without it anymore!!!!
Posted By: Krista S.
Toronto, Canada
I've had fibro for years now. In the beginning (pre-diagnosis), I kept a log of symptoms using an Excel spreadsheet. Once my treatment plan was stable, I got out of the habit of tracking my condition. Recently, my fibro has worsened and it's been suggested that a tracking system is once again needed. I looked at several systems and none has the flexibility of Smart Diary! The fibro factor is especially helpful! Now I can record what I was doing as well as symptoms and weather conditions, as those are key factors in how I feel. Smart Diary is a beautifully designed system that affords flexibility and customization, such that I can track the variables that are most pertinent and not be bogged down with needless data. Smart Diary is making the challenge of managing a changing/worsening condition much easier, which is a true gift!
Posted By: Jay W Belle Isle
45 yo male with fibromyalgia, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Smart Diary Suite is exactly what the name implies. I live a full life as a family man, business man & individual. As if everything wasn't complicated enough I was recently diagnosed with diabetes.

The Medical Edition of Smart Diary Suite compliments every need I've been looking for in a Journal/Organizer program. It's like having an entourage of assistants in one convenient package at a better than reasonable price.
Posted By: Henry Phelps
I have used your free version for years now and I LOVE it I use it for keeping a journal for personal use as well as blogging I wish you could add more then one tag I love that I can export and generally just love that I have found a software that allows me to put my thoughts on the page where pen and paper don't (due to disability) thank you for this wonderful software I am sure I will enjoy it for many more years!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted By: Laura
I am blogger and a journaler with cerebral palsy, Ontario Canada

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