A life factor can be absolutely anything you wish to track, e.g. diet, exercise, mood, energy level, medication and even dreams!

A pain map allows you to mark sensations or areas of acute discomfort and strain on a body schematic - this will help you analyze how your body reacts to other life factors in your diary and the surrounding environment.

The diary calculator allows you to perform various calculations over a given period of time on your life factors.

Privacy settings allow you to auto-hide your entries after a period of inactivity, so that no one else could read them.

Reminders show a window, play a sound or even send an e-mail when a schedule item becomes due.

This allows you to create children for tasks, enabling a hierarchy in your entries.

Medical alarms will trigger a reminder when it is time for you to take your medication.

Timeline shows all your schedule events in a continuous manner.

Schedule settings allow you to customize the way schedule works to adjust it to your specific needs.

Tasks settings allow you to adjust various options to adjust the way tasks work.

Color themes allow you to adjust the way the program looks to suit your personal style and taste better.

Portable version lets you run SDS from portable media without installation, such as a USB or flash drive. You can take it with you anywhere!

Reminder e-mails can be sent by SDS when a scheduled item becomes due. This makes sure you have more means to keep on track!

Diary graph shows your Life Factors in a customizable graph, so you can visually see your life!

Voice entries allow you to record your diary entries using a microphone. You can then listen to them when you need to.

Importing vCalendar/iCalendar allows you to synchronize SDS with other software, such as Outlook (or any other that can export vCal/iCal files).

Gantt Chart is a quick and easy way to see your tasks and visually understand how they are organized.

Importing vCard allows you to synchronize SDS with other software that can exprort vCard files!

Show/Hide completed entries allows you to show and hide entries marked as completed from the Schedule view!